Zahid Ahmed like many other celebs is sharing his quarantine life with fans and followers. He has also recently started his own Youtube channel where he has begun making informative and religious videos.

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Recently, Zahid Ahmed shared a picture on his Instagram account revealing that he has counted the wooden planks of the room he was seen picturized in, and the exact number is 57. A follower teased Ahmed below the picture taking a jibe at his most recent drama Mein Na Janoo. She wrote “Thank God there weren’t 58 episodes of drama Mein Na Janoo though, lol on a serious note really like your performance.”

While it is very common for fans and followers to leave critique and negativity under celebrity posts, Zahid response is certainly an interesting one.

” I apologise to the nation for this time I won’t read the script so blindly,” wrote Ahmed.

For those who are unaware the drama Mein Na Janoo followed a story of a love triangle between Nain (Zahid Ahmed), Saira ( Sanam Jung) and Nehat (Affan Waheed). Saira and Nehat love each other but Saira’s grandmother, step-mother and Nehat’s mother wish for Saira’s younger sister to marry Nehat. The resentment towards Saira is due to a misunderstanding regarding the character Saira’s mother. Nain on the other hand is blind but loves Saira.

The family’s conspiracies and pressure results in them getting married and Nehat seeking revenge for being left. He goes to massive lengths to make Saira leave her husband (who at one point by the way actually manages to hit Nehat mercilessly without missing even once despite being blind). The drama had various missteps as well a weak and bizarre story to say the least.

Nevertheless Zahid Ahmed’s portrayal of a blind man is being commended. Did you follow Mein Na Janoo? Leave you thoughts in the comments below.

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