Currently the famous Turkish series Diriliş Ertuğrul is on air on state owned PTV Home. The series has been dubbed in Urdu and is being appreciated for it scale of production and good content. Even celebrities are praising the series.

Turns out Hamza Ali Abbasi is also a fan of the show. He recently uploaded a video of his guitar jamming session in which he covered the soundtrack of Diriliş Ertuğrul. Moreover on Twitter, he shared two Hadith and an image from the show. He went on to praise the show for being a medium to leave a good impact on its audience as the show is preaching people valuable life lessons.

Abbasi had announced a break from the industry in order to dedicate his time to religion. In doing so he has set up his own Youtube channel where he uploads what he is learning. Moreover he had also shared that he would put his efforts into producing content that is acceptable in light of Islam. So can we expect something of the sort being helmed by him in the future? Considering the response to Diriliş Ertuğrul, one thing is for sure that people are interested to watch content made on Islamic heroes.

After Hamza tweeted many agreed with him,

Some even hoped that Pakistani industry makes dramas of this calibre.

Some also shared how Hamza would have been the best choice for Etrugul’s voice dubbing.

Are you following Diriliş Ertuğrul ?


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