Winter Holidays are atlast coming to an end this Weekend and we are going to see three new releases this week. Kristen Stewart starrer Underwater alongwith Ryan Reynolds starrer Netflix action flick 6 Underground. Third releases of the week will be The Informer. All three releases will be taking slow start and they will be competing with Jumanji: The Next Level for top spot. Before we discuss who will be topping the charts this weekend, let’s take a look at the movies releasing this weekend.

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6 Underground:-

Ryan Reynold starrer action flick was released last year on Netflix but the film will be having theatrical release in Pakistan this weekend. The film will find some footfalls in the mass circuits due to action elements but since there is no awareness about the film start won’t be big. Directed by Michael Bay the film has average reviews as rotten tomatoes score is a disappointing 37%.


Kristen Stewart and TJ Miler starrer horror drama is the second release of the weekend. Last weekend we saw The Grudge open big followed by massive falls. Underwater will have good will of horror genre but since there is no brand value of the film, it will struggle. The film carries 49% rotten tomatoes score which is atleast better than 6 Underground.

The Informer:-

Rosamund Pike and Joel Kinnaman starrer crime thriller is the third major release of the week. The film has rotten tomatoes score of 54% but the film will be targeting niche audiences only over the weekend and will be hoping a long and solid run like “Knives Out” or “Ford v Ferrari”.

List Of Disney Movies Releasing In 2020.


  1. The Grudge
  2. Jumanji: The Next Level
  3. Frozen 2
  4. Spies In Disguise
  5. Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker
  6. Knives Out
  7. Ford V Ferrari
  8. Sacch
  9. Terminator Dark Fate
  10. Joker
  11. Superstar
  12. Parey Hut Love

Last week we saw The Grudge leading weekend box office chart but the film saw massive dips over the weekdays and the film is now having very minimal number of shows in second week. Jumanji: The Next LEvel and Frozen 2 continued their solid runs as both the films are a huge hits now especially Frozen 2 which is a now a Blockbuster. Knives Out and Ford v Ferrari are continuing their steady runs at premium multiplexes.


The three new releases will try to fight with Jumanji: The Next Level for the top spot and it will be a close call. For now it looks like that Jumanji: The Next Level will edge past the new releases to take top spot. Riding on the star power of Ryan Reynolds and the goodwill of action genre, 6 Underground will take second spot. It won’t be a surprise if 6 Underground topples Jumanji for top spot. Right behind Jumanji: The Next Level and 6 Underground will be Kristen Stewart starrer Underwater which will have some footfalls at premium plexes. Underwater will be fighting with Frozen 2 and The Grudge for third spot. The Grudge will see massive falls this weekend however Frozen 2 will continue its historical run in 8th week too. Right outside top 5 we will see The Informer debuting at number six as the film will be having a slow start. Though the film might surprise in coming weeks with solid run if word of mouth is positive.

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