When a film comes under ARY Films banner there are massive expectations attached to it and Wrong No. is no exception as film has been mammoth on buzz with superb marketing of ARY..

Film is a story of a guy Salman who is not satisfied with his life and want to turn things around by becoming actor as he runs away from house and change things dramatically! Well film has decent script, first half is bit slow but 2nd half picks pace well.. 2nd half has action, emotions, romance, full on comedy and much more.. Script does have many holes but being an all out massala film one doesn’t care about plot holes.. One cannot miss the climax scene between Javed Sheikh and Shafqat Cheema..

Director Yasir Nawaz has done good work as film keeps you glued to screens for 135 minutes and you come out saying well it was worth the time.. Film has few downs in first half which might make you fell that director is loosing grip but Yasir Nawaz soon takes charge and fun ride starts soon before break and it continues till end..

Music is decent with couple of good slow romantic tracks and videos of both were very well shot.. Then there was chart-buster Selfiyaan which is best track of the film.. Overall film’s music was average! but background score was fantastic! Film had very good sounds and visuals as it had three very good action scenes including one in the climax..

Coming towards cast film had versatile cast full with senior actors, youngsters and debutants.. Javed Sheikh stands out with his character of butcher named Haji Abba, his dialogue delivery, his expressions, his comic timings everything is perfect.. He steals the show! Danish has done good job also with blend of comedy and romance.. Sohai is the super girl of film as she is both charmer and item girl of the film.. Janita in her debut role has done fantastic job and her performance depicts a big actress of future, she has been flawless with her looks, expressions and dialogue delivery! Shafqat Cheema has done decent job in his brief negative role.. And other cast members were very good in their comedy!

On the whole film is a complete massala package that promises to provide you non-stop entertainment!! Film does have plot holes but One cannot miss super performances of Javed Sheikh and Janita Asma and comedy of supporting cast!! If you want to get entertained this Eid then Wrong No. is best choice for you.. Go watch it!!


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