Parchi Show Excellent Growth On Day Two

Parchi has seen fantastic growth on day two with all multiplexes seeing buig growth.. Lahore and Karachi saw huge growth as few plexes even doubled there numbers on Saturday which is phenomenal considering day one itself was very good..

As per estimates Saturday is looking to end up close to 1.1cr approx which is a growth of 20+% over day one with day one itslef being big!! This growth is very good sign and now film will probably go around 3cr for the Weekend which is brilliant result for the film like Parchi..

Film is on phenomenal run in Rwp/Isl where it has done similar to much bigger comedy film Golmaal Again!! Lahore was average on day one but it saw fantastic growth of 40-50% on day two.

Below is daily estimated busienss of the film..

Friday.. 90lacs


Total.. 2cr


Numbers Provided Here Are Unofficial and unconfirmed numbers tracked on the basis of the estimates of team Boxofficdetail. Boxofficedetail takes no responsibility of the numbers as they are mere estimates and can't be used for any legal action!

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