Historical Run Of Punjab Nahi Jaungi :: Completes 13 Weeks

Punjab Nahi Jaungi has emerged a mega blockbuster with excellent long run.. Film is completing it's 13 Weeks today and is still playing at good number of screens.. Film has collected around 31.75cr approx in thirteen weeks and it won't stop here!!

Film's numbers are third highest of all time after Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Sultan which is phenomenal result! What makes this run historical is this that it enters it's 14th week tomorrow and yet it is playing in over 10 properties which is something not happened for any film in Pakistan in recent years.. Na Maloom Afraad did manage to run over 200 days but that was only at two locations but here Punjab Nahi Jaungi is on phenomenal run and the way it is grossing it will complete 100 days run in 15th Week in 8-10 cinemas which is a new all time record.. Bol and Khuda Ke Liye also ran in multiple cinemas for long time but at that time flow of releases was very less but these days flow of releases is huge in number hence having that long run itself is amazing and in over 10 locations is marvelous..

Film is adding few lacs each Week and the way it is going it is very tough to predict that where this will end.. Film is already highest grossing film of all time in most mass circuits of Punjab!! It is second highest grossing of all time in Rawalpindi/Islamabad at 5.5+cr after Sultan which had grossed around 6.5cr in the circuit! Biggest difference is in Karachi where it was affected the most by the clash with Na Maloom Afraad 2 and is not even in top 5 all time grossers!!

Film is easily among biggest blockbusters of all time of Pakistani Cinema and is only other 30+cr Pakistani grosser ever after Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and both films are of Nadeem Baig and both feature Humayun Saeed as lead star!!


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