American Made Week One Business Pakistan

American Made has raked in 51lacs approx in it's first Week which is a very low result considering film had Tom Cruise in lead role.. Even though film had niche content catering to multiplexes only but still film could have done better..

Film got hit badly by Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Punjab Nahi Jaungi which resulted in limited number of shows at most places..

Film won't add much from here as there were 5 new films released on today which means film will have even lower numbers this Week..

Below is film's breakdown..

Weekend.. 29.3lacs

Weekdays.. 21.7lacs

Total.. 51lacs

Weekdays contributed more than normal share but Weekend itself was very low hence this trending doesn't matter..


Numbers Provided Here Are Unofficial and unconfirmed numbers tracked on the basis of the estimates of team Boxofficdetail. Boxofficedetail takes no responsibility of the numbers as they are mere estimates and can't be used for any legal action!

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