Punjab Nahi Jaungi Week Two Weekdays Business Pakistan :: Holds Stedy

Second Monday was litmus test for Punjab Nahi Jaungi and it did see some fall.. Few places fell over 50% but few under 50%.. Rawalpindi fell around 54% whereas Karachi saw a fall under 50%.. Mass pockets saw bigger falls but multiplexes saw some holds.. Centaurus fell under 30% similar was trend at Cinestar, Atrium and Nueplex.. But single screens in metro cities also saw big falls of over 60%!!

Overall film saw a fall of around 40% on second Monday compared to second Friday which is a reasonable hold but film could have held better.. Tuesday had match and there were fears that film will see bigger fall on Tuesday but that didn't happen.. Lahore saw some fall but other places saw normal Weekday trend.. Film has collected close to 18.5cr approx in 12 days and will finish Week two close to 20cr mark.. Tuesday final numbers are yet to come but film is looking safe..

Below is film's breakdown till..

Week One.. 12.25cr

2nd Weekend.. 4.65cr

2nd Monday.. 80lacs

2nd Tuesday (estimates).. 70-75lacs

Total.. 18.45cr


Numbers Provided Here Are Unofficial and unconfirmed numbers tracked on the basis of the estimates of team Boxofficdetail. Boxofficedetail takes no responsibility of the numbers as they are mere estimates and can't be used for any legal action!

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