American Made Monday Business Pakistan

American Made has seen fall of 35% over Friday on Monday which is a drop less than normal but film already had very low Friday hence it should have held alreast to Friday levels.

Business overall got slow yesterday with cicuits almost got dead even for Punjab Nahi Jaungi and Na Maloom Afraad 2.. Film has collected close to 35lacs approx in 4 days and Week willl finish close to 50lacs mark but it is a very low result.

Below is film's daily business..

Friday.. 8.56lacs

Saturday.. 9.99lacs

Sunday.. 10.75lacs

Monday.. 5.5lacs

Total.. 34.8lacs


Numbers Provided Here Are Unofficial and unconfirmed numbers tracked on the basis of the estimates of team Boxofficdetail. Boxofficedetail takes no responsibility of the numbers as they are mere estimates and can't be used for any legal action!

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