Punjab Nahi Jaungi 10 Days Worldwide Business :: Excellent

Reports over the Weekend were suggesting Punjab Nahi Jaungi is going to hit 30cr mark by end of Day 10 but as actuals have come film has fallen short of 30cr and it seems it will take couple of days more for the film to reach that mark.. Film's domestic 10 days total has come short of estimates but yet they are massive and film has recorded second biggest second Weekend of 2017 after Fast 8.. Film had seen phenomenal numbers over Eid Weekend ending on Monday.. It Held extremely well on Tuesday creating all time Tuesday record but saw steep falls on Wednesday and Thursday.. Second Weekend has seen pretty good hold again which is under 50%.. Hold at multiplexes was excellent and under 30%..

Below is film's breakdown at domestic market..

Week One (revised).. 12.25cr

2nd Weekend (revised) .. 4.65cr

Total.. 16.9r

Talking of international markets film has registered another very solid Weekend with UK registering around 1.2cr approx Weekend whereas UAE and US has also added few lacs.. Overall 2nd Weekend is looking to finish around 2.5cr approx which would take 10 days around 11.5cr approx.. Below is film's worldwide breakdown for 10 days..

Pakistan (revised).. 16.9cr

Overseas*.. 11.5cr

Total.. 28.4cr

Film right now is 6th highest worldwide grosser after Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Waar, Bin Roye, Actor In Law and Janaan.. Film might become second highest worldwide grosser by the end of next Weekend if it manages to hold..


*Overseas numbers from few markets will be updated soon!

Note:- These are Unofficial and Unverified numbers tracked by team Boxofficedetail.


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