Geo Sar Utha Kay Day One Business Pakistan :: Poor

As expected Geo Sar Utha Kay has failed to collect much on Day One at boxoffice.. Film had no buzz and there was no star value.. Even though film's promo was better than other local release Chain Aye Na but poor buzz and no big face in the film has costed it with poor start on Day One..

Film had poor occupancies everywhere.. Multiplexes had under 10% start and it was not different for other local release Chain Aye Na but that film had more showings on day one plus it has name of Syed Noor attached to it, even though Syed Noor has no pull at boxoffice but still he is a known director..

Film has collected 6lacs approx on day one and from such low start it seems film is not heading anywhere.. Even though it's a long four day extended Weekend but still it seems film will finish around 30lacs in four days from here if it manages to grow.. Growth from here won't be much..


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