Transformers 5 and The Mummy Weekend Business Update Pakistan :: Low

The Mummy into it's 4th Weekend has collected 15lacs approx taking grand total to 4.65cr approx.. Film should end around 5cr approx mark from here.. Film saw a drop of around 70% which quite a big fall but coming from Eid days it was expected. Film has been steady now but on the lower level.. Below is film's breakdown..

Weekend.. 15.2lacs

Grand Total.. 4.65cr

Transformers 5 on the other hand has collected 17lacs approx which is a fall of 75+% over previous Weekend. Fall is in same region as The Mummy but here Transformers is in it's second Weekend and The Mummy is in it's 4th Weekend so it's not a good sign for Transformers.. Film has collected little over 3.2cr approx and will finish over 3.5cr approx by the end of the run.. Below is breakdown of the film..

Week One (11 Days).. 3.04cr

2nd Weekend.. 17lacs

Total.. 3.21cr


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