Kung Fu Yoga and The Great Wall Weekend Business Pakistan

Both Kung Fu Yoga and The Great Wall collected in same region of 20lacs approx with Kung Fu Yoga Edging Past The Great Wall by few thousands.. Kung Fu Yoga had opened couple of lacs better on day one but it's trend over the Weekend was very poor where as The Great Wall had weak trend too but still better than the Kung Fu Yoga.. But it doesn't matter as both the films have under preformed big time and are flops..

Below are details of both the film..


Kung Fu Yoga

Day One.. 9lacs

Weekend.. 20lacs

The Great Wall

Day One.. 6.5lacs

Weekend.. 19.5lacs

Holdover Rings also added few lacs this Week taking their tally close to 80lacs at 79.5lacs approx.. There was another local release Whistle which fared poorly and had negligible numbers of under 5lacs approx..


Numbers Provided Here Are Unofficial and unconfirmed numbers tracked on the basis of the estimates of team Boxofficdetail. Boxofficedetail takes no responsibility of the numbers as they are mere estimates and can't be used for any legal action!

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