Guest Article:: Why Its Shahrukh vs All

Why always its SRK vs ALL?


May be its a Fan Base..may be its an Actor himself or Media...All compare their stuff with the like of SRK...Chennai Express record was broken by Dhoom3 and still on various polls new releases are compared with Chennai Express only..Why is it so??Insecurity or Competition or Revenge??

SRK has been most consistent among all his contempories.More than 2 decades now he is ruling but just as someone start tasting success goes into attack mode with SRK.

When SRK fails all start bashing him and when other actors fail all media and trade start finding excuses. My question is what's problem yaar?


Take the following cases..

OUATIMD : At start all news were about how SRK has blocked screens and after 1 week when major chunk of screens were released no one mentioned it.Ajay devgan raises his voice and says his support with Ekta. So it's (AJAY + Akshay) vs SRK ...but now it's clash between Akshay and Ajay

Dhoom3 : Salman and Aamir join hands to tackle Chennai Express success.Do anyone remember when 3Idiots was at top ,SRK joined other actor to bring him down.

So it's (Salman + Aamir) vs SRK.

Krrish3 : I know SRK said this Diwali go for Krissh and I will come next Diwali.But at end of its run Hrithik fans started abusing SRK as news about fake collection spread.

Jai Ho : Now Aamir joins Salman and question is,” Will Jai Ho break Chennai Express record (Boss Dhoom3 is at top now..usse compare karo)”.Aamir promoted JaiHo on twitter till it last day but when film doomed where's he? So it's (Salman + Aamir) vs SRK again.

Now Chennai Express : Now it was last for SRK according to media.Its competition was with Rowdy Rathore(Akshay)..Ek Tha Tiger(Salman)..3Idiots(Aamir)..n no one come to support him..It was 1 man show, he need to promote himself and guess what's media talking -- SRK over promoting they won't say he alone is promoting.


SRK said go for Krissh then go for Dhoom3 then JaiHo also during award show. So why other actors behave in such way and avoid his work??Again Insecurity?


I don't feel anyone is superior or inferior but if you go with team against 1 man then had to think SRK is superior among all others.


Now check this -

JaiHo doomed : “Modi effect”...”ticket price”...”low promotions”

OUATIMD doomed : “Less screens”..”bad script”...”imran khan”

Talash doomed : “Bad Script”...”less entertaining”..”not business oriented”

Himmatwala doomed : “Sajid khan”..”Sajid Khan” ...”Sajid Khan”

RaOne doomed : “SRK over”...”SRK buddha”...”SRK over promotimg”...


thats how it goes....Feel sad about all this but bow to him and his fans...they bring him to the top when everyone is trying to bring him down!!!

Stop pretending your star is better than SRK untill you come in group…go one on one and lets find the winner…its as simple as that

Truly i feel Akshay and Salman are good human beings may they patch up with SRK and no one can bring this 3 down den...Mass+Class+Rom+Action+Comedy these 3 can do anything..and so does Hrithik...




Sagar Saoji


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