Veerey Ki Wedding Movie Poster

Veerey Ki Wedding has seen very low numbers in it’s first Week with very poor trending.

Veerey Ki Wedding has seen extremely low numbers in it’s first Week. Numbers came little less than Qarib Qarib Singlle which had known face in it. But Qarib QQarib Singlle had very poor numbers. Film had poor trending which hence it is out of most screens by end of first Week.

Film raked in 90lacs approx in it’s first Week and won’t even touch 1cr mark before end of run. Holdover release Welcome To New saw big fall this Week. Film did have some known faces which enabled it some screenings in second Week. Last minute ban of Pari also helped it. But still film saw a massive fall of 75% this week. Below is estimated business of Welcome To New York.

Week One.. 1.35cr

Week Two.. 35lacs

Total.. 1.7cr


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