Shaan Shahid, Kiran Malik and Nadeem Baig starrer Zarrar is easily one of the most anticipated upcoming Pakistani films. Amid the contagious coronavirus scare, Zarrar’s trailer has sparkled some hope to the entertainment industry.

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Trailer has been awaited for quite some time now and Shaan Shahid who has written and directed the film himself unveiled it yesterday on the social media. Trailer is 215 seconds long which is a quite lengthy but seeing Shaan Shahid in action avatar was a treat.

Shaan is easily one of the biggest superstars of Pakistan and the actor is seen donning his favorite genre i.e. action. Fight sequences were the highlights of the trailer as the sequences were choreographed amazingly and edited superbly. Shaan looked marvelous in those sequences. No doubt he is the biggest action star of Pakistani film industry and the trailer was all about the stardom of Shaan Shahid who looked fabulous. Nadeem Baig looked great as well.

It looks like that the film will tackle terrorism and peace as Shaan will be seen playing the character of an ISI agent. The trailer looked stunning visually and it did have some very good punchlines as well. The editing and pace of the trailer was crisp as despite being a lengthy trailer it keeps you hooked to the screen throughout.

The only minus was heavy dose of English dialogues which gave a lot of western look and it will be interesting to see how audiences will take that when the film releases. The release date of the film is still not announced which is understandable due to the current scenario.

Watch The Trailer Of Zarrar.

For now Shaan has scored big with the trailer and we all can’t wait for the situation to get better and watch this one at cinemas near us.


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