Baaghi 2 trailer released yesterday and it has taken YouTube by storm by having massive number of views and huge number of likes. Trailer is full of action with some blend of emotions which is very favorable genre at boxoffice. Film does have some fantastic shots with marvelous cinematography and looks of Tiger Shroff are killer.

Even though trailer gives a much bigger look than the prequel but yet impression left is not as strong as the prequel. Looks like makers have completely focused on the action here hence romantic or emotional content is not that strong and that is where this film might find tough.

Prequel of the film had taken bumper start and is only non Khan film which had taken houseful start across the mass circuits in Pakistan. What went right with first part was the action with blend of romance from promos which clicked and connected with the cine goers and took stupendous start. No doubt that here trailer is much grand and opening expectations from the trade will be atleast similar to Baaghi but that seems uphill task. Recently Hindi films have really struggled to take big start in mass circuits even Padmaavat and that’s where Baaghi 2 will have to score big if it has to cross prequel’s day one and hit golden 1.5cr mark on first day.

Overall trailer has given big look and now music will be very important because expectations set are very high from the film and music will have to justify that.


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