Top Gun: Maverick and Fast 9 will easily be the biggest Hollywood films of the year in Pakistan. Both the films will take bumper starts at box office and will end up with mammoth box office numbers.

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Fast 9 will be carrying brand value of Fast & Furious series which is easily the biggest film brand in Pakistan. Furthermore, the film is hitting on Eid which is a perfect release scenario for the film. Eids are always front loaded so does action films hence making Fast 9 a perfect Eid release.

However, Top Gun: Maverick is has an equally favorable release date. The film comes four weeks after Eid when all the Eid releases will have consumed their audience. Plus it will be summers at its peak with solo release giving film huge capacity to score big.

Also Tom Cruise and Dwayne Jonson are easily the top two Hollywood stars in terms of star power in Pakistan. It is yet to be seen that how much effect will the absence of Dwayne Johnson make on Fast 9’s box office. On the other hand, Tom Cruise is coming in his fan favorite avatar and genre which will be a huge plus for Top Gun.

Overall, Fast 9 should take a better start in terms of occupancies due to brand value, action factor and Eid footfall however the clash with other major films will restrict box office numbers to some extent. Top Gun Maverick will have longer legs at the box office as it is a solo release and there won’t be any major release for four weeks giving film an open window for a strong long run.

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Fast 9 looks stronger on the paper right now and Fast & Furious series has always scored big at the box office. Whenever a Fast & Furious series film has released it has not only become highest grossing film of the year rather it has managed to become highest grossing English film of all time. However this year we can’t write off Top Gun’s chances of emerging highest grossing English film of 2020 by toppling Fast 9. Actually if the content gets acceptance then Top Gun has better chances of emerging highest grossing Hollywood film of 2020.



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