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Animated films have always stayed on the lower end at Pakistani box office but recently few animated films have created huge impact. Last year The Donkey King took business for animated films to new levels.

List Of Most Anticipated Pakistani Films Of 2020.

3 Bahadur released way back in 2015 and became first animated film in the history to top PKR 50 million as the film went on to collect over PKR 66 million. Just a year later the sequel to 3 Bahadur became first animated film to top PKR 80 million. 3 Bahadur 2 concluded with a business of around PKR 82 million. The film stayed highest grossing animated film for two years but in 2018 The Donkey King snatched the tittle and became a historical blockbuster.

The Donkey King stands first and only animated film to top PKR 100, 150 and 200 million marks. The film wrapped its run with a staggering business of over PKR 235 million. The film is infact second highest grossing non Holiday release of all time only behind Teefa In Trouble.

Last month’s release Frozen 2 has also done exceedingly well. The film is already third highest grossing animated film of all time and is highest grossing animated film for Hollywood releases. The film has already topped PKR 75 million and soon it will overtake 3 Bahadur 2 to take second spot on the list.

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Below are top 5 highest grossing animated films of all time with year of release in brackets.

  1. The Donkey King (2018)
  2. 3 Bahadur: The Revenge Of Baba Balaam (2016)
  3. Frozen 2 (2019)
  4. 3 Bahadur (2015)
  5. 3 Bahadur: Rise Of The Warriors (2018)

Highest Grossing Pakistani Films Of 2019.

It must be noted here that The Lion King is not considered animated release as film was a live action.

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