Tom Cruise

While we await Tom Cruise’s Top Gun Maverick, there is an exciting news about an upcoming project that Cruise has signed on! We have seen multiple films made about the outer space but all use state of the art graphics. But as per reports, Cruise is taking things to the next level by starring in a space film which will be actually shot in space.

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About three days ago administrator of National Aeronautics and Space Administration made the big reveal on Twitter!

“NASA is excited to work with @TomCruise on a film aboard the @Space_Station!,” wrote NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine.

“We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make @NASA’s ambitious plans a reality,” Bridenstine further added.

There are no details that followed this Tweet. Previously Cruise has played an astronaut in 2013 movie Oblivion. According to Deadline, Cruise is working with Elon Musk’s SpaceX, which will transport two US astronauts to the International Space Station for Nasa later this month.

The said action adventure film is currently in its early stages and we await more details. Cruise was filming Mission Impossible 7 in Italy when the coronavirus outbreak led to production coming to a halt back in February.

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