Thugs of Hindostan has turned out to be a major disappointment at boxoffice in Pakistan.

Thugs of Hindostan has seen a below mark extended first Week of eight days in Pakistan. Film was released with massive expectations as film had managed record number of shows and screens. But film hasn’t been able to perform well even in a single city and numbers are disappointing.

Film raked in around 11cr approx over the extended first Week which is a good number but when we see the prices and amount of expectations attached with the film then this is a highly low number. Film should have done 11cr business in the first three days of release of the film but this is the eight days business. There were huge falls over the weekdays and going by the trends over the weekdays film should struggle this Weekend. But there is no major release this Week and film will probably lead again this Weekend but with a very low number.

Below is film’s estimated business breakdown in Pakistan.

Extended Weekend (Thu-Sun).. 8.4cr

Weekdays.. 2.6cr

Total (8 Days).. 11cr

Film’s performance in this Weekend will tell where film is heading in lifetime run but it seems film will wrap under 15cr mark.


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