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Shaan Shahid is easily one the top box office stars in Pakistan and he is probably the biggest crowd puller for action genre. Shaan Shahid has given us many hits over the years which had phenomenal run at the box office. However, when we talk about the biggest blockbusters then it is down to 2007’s Khuda Kay Liye and 2013’s Waar.

First Blockbuster For Humayun Saeed.

Khuda Kay Liye was the first step towards the revival of the cinema which was limited to metro cities back then. Khuda Kay Liye had released in mere 16 cinemas and yet managed to do a whopping business of over PKR 80 million.

Khuda Kay Liye still stands tall as longest running film at cinemas as film ran for weeks. The footfall of Shaan Shahid, Fawad Khan and Iman Ali starrer stood well over 3 lacs which is massive for 16 screen release.

On the other hand 2013’s Waar took box office to new levels as well. It solidified Shaan’s image as action star as the film went on to collect PKR 230 million and was the first film ever to hit PKR 200 million mark. The film had a massive run at the box office. The film had more than double the footfall of Khuda Kay Liye.

Lifetime Boxoffice Collections Of Manto.

Waar was a commercial roller coaster and it was followed by many action films doing gigantic business. However, this trend was started by Waar. Khuda Kay Liye wasn’t a commercial cinema and yet the kind of box office run it had is something not seen yet for such genre film.

All in all, Khuda Kay Liye and Waar are the biggest blockbusters for the superstar. Keep an eye out on this space for more.


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