Popular film actress Meera is once again in the limelight and this time around its about a very sensitive topic. The queen of controversies has just posted on social media a video message where she told everyone about the precautionary measures to prevent coronavirus.

Here Is What Ali Zafar Has To Say About Coronavirus.

WHO, doctors and governments around the globe are trying to educate people to take necessary measures to contain contagious coronavirus. It is being advised that a proper social distance is maintained, touching of face should be avoided and hands should be washed frequently.

Well don’t be surprised to see that in the video message Meera has beaten WHO and every health organization as the highly talented actress says that the solution to Coronavirus is “sanitation” and “halal eating”. Surprised? We are sure you are not.

Well we do believe that self hygiene is very important for coronavirus but neglecting the basics of COVID19 in the video was really unexpected.

But this time the actress has tried to improve her English. However her video message will definitely crack you up for various reasons.

Take a look at the video message of Meera below.

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