The Motorcycle Girl Movie Promotions

After a very low Weekend Motorcycle Girls falls further on Monday.

The Motorcycle Girl sees big fall on crucial Monday after low Weekend.. Film had very low Weekend and above that trend on the Weekend was very poor. Niche content films usually see big pick over the Weekend and that pick was missing over the Weekend which had given indication of fall on Monday.

Movie raked in 8.5lacs approx on Monday which is a fall of around 60% compared to Friday. This fall is more than normal which is very poor result after very low Weekend. Film has almost fallen flat on Monday as four days total stand under 75lacs approx. Film will wrap Week under 1cr mark and won’t be adding much after that as Avengers hit screens next Week.

Below is film’s estimated business till now..

Friday.. 20lacs

Saturday.. 24lacs

Sunday.. 21lacs

Monday.. 8.5lacs

Total.. 73+lacs


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