The donkey king is unstoppable at boxoffice with never seen before trending at boxoffice.

The Donkey King is looking unstoppable at boxoffice. Film’s trending, numbers and occupancies are phenomenal and never seen before. Film is holding supremely well despite mega release flows and is breaking all time records of commercial films despite being an animated film itself.

Film has collected little over 25lacs approx on 6th Friday which is just fantastic as these numbers are just 25-30% lower than film’s first Friday. Film’s 6th Weekend will be biggest ever in the cinema history. Film has collected little under 19cr approx till now and will be hitting 20cr by Monday or Tuesday depending on how it fares over the Weekend. Film is setting new benchmarks for animated films and is already in all time lists of even commercial films which has never happened for any animated film in Pakistan ever.

Below is film’s estimated business breakdown till now in Pakistan.

Week One.. 4cr

Week Two.. 5.1cr

Week Three.. 5.05cr

Week Four.. 2.6cr

Week Five.. 1.9cr

6th Friday.. 25+lacs

Total.. 18.9cr


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