Teri Meri Love Story released yesterday and it has taken quite a decent start at box office! Film is second directorial film of Jawad Bashir after Maya which was not a successful film hence there were no much expectations attached to it but film featured Mohib Mirza who is just back from sensational film Bachaana..

Teri Meri Love Story is a love triangle staring Mohib mirza, Ushana Shah and Omer Shehzad In Lead filled with fun moments by Mohsin Abbas Haider and Ahmad Abdurehman! Uzma Khan plays second leading lady! Writing of the film was good especially the dialogues which were brilliantly illustrated by the cast. Film’s writing touch was on pattern with Lahore’s typical style of writing comedy and gets full mark in that department!

Script was okay especially first half which had good pace and was very engaging but in second half script loses it’s track but still it was fun filled script and was quite youthful! First half hour was limelight of the film..

Film’s performacnes were super solid.. Ushna Shah nails it with her super excellent expressions and fresh looks. She is a complete star which out performed in the film and is the soul of the film. She got maximum screen space but still you want more of her by the end of the film.. Mohib Mirza is a natural talent and he gives another stellar performance after Bachaana but this time he is not sweet guy rather he is rough and tough guy with strong personality! Omar Shehzad in his debut has done decent job as he has got complete looks of a big star! Salman Shahid is excellent like always but his dialogues were typical Lahori style which were delivered marvelously by him.. Mohsin Abbas Haider and Ahmed Abdurehman steal the show with their perfect comic timings and make you keep laughing constantly through out the film.. Uzama Khan and Laila Zuberi have performed below par especially Uzma Khan as she has got good amount of screen presence but among so many solid performances it’s not much of an issue!

Music of the film is a chart buster, composed extremely well and sung exceedingly well! Choreography is average as Uzma Khan is not a good dancer but it’s Mohsin Abbas Haider who wins with his dance moves.. He makes you fall in love with his dancing skills and one can easily say that it’s first time in Pakistani Cinema that an actor has danced so well.

Direction was way below par as Jawad Bashir has disappointed in that department! There were way too many issues with the cinematography and sound mixing! But Overall super solid performances by the cast, excellent fun moments and dance moves of Mohsin Abbas Haider make this venture work a watch especially for the Punjab audiences as it is written in typical Punjabi style!!


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