Teefa In Trouble Movie Still

Teefa In Trouble has shattered all time 4th Week record with massive margin.

Teefa In Trouble has just smashed all time Week four record with massive margins. Film’s numbers on each day of week four was just marvelous and way ahead of any film ever in the cinema history. Even though film had benefit of Independence Day on Tuesday but still numbers are just phenomenal and this record will stand for some time.

Film has collected 4.17cr approx in Week four which is almost 160% more than Week four of Sanju. Film has taken four Weeks total a little under 28.75cr approx which is 5th highest number of all time. Film did see some fall on Wednesday but that was expected as pre Eid season has now started. There are three major releases coming on Eid but still Teefa In Trouble will manage to do some business.

Below is film’s breakdown till now in Pakistan.

Week One.. 11.31cr

Week Two.. 7.48cr

Week Three.. 5.77cr

4th Friday.. 64lacs

4th Saturday.. 93lacs

4th Sunday.. 82lacs

4th Monday.. 45lacs

4th Tuesday.. 85lacs

4th Wednesday.. 24lacs

4th Thursday.. 24lacs

Week Four.. 4.17cr

Grand Total.. 28.73cr


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