Teefa In Trouble does smashing business in third Weekend as it creates new all time record.

Teefa In Trouble has done fantastic business in it’s third Weekend as it breaks all time record. Film was no where close to all time records in first two Weeks but yet created all time record in third Weekend which tells that trending is superb. This also indicates that film is having excellent word of mouth.

Few weeks back Sanju had done phenomenal business by having 2nd biggest Week one of all time and biggest Week two of all time. Film is also having the record of biggest grosser of all time but Teefa In Trouble has beaten it’s 3rd Weekend numbers which were already second biggest of all time. Teefa In Trouble has done little under 22.5cr till now but Sanju had done around 32.5cr approx in similar time.

Below is daily breakdown of both films in third Weekend.

3rd Friday:-

Teefa In Trouble.. 97lacs

Sanju.. 80lacs

3rd Saturday:-

Teefa In Trouble.. 1.41cr

Sanju.. 1.2cr

3rd Sunday:-

Teefa In Trouble.. 1.26cr

Sanju.. 1.01cr

3rd Weekend Total:-

Teefa In Trouble.. 3.64cr

Sanju.. 3.01cr


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