Teefa In Trouble goes neck to neck with Punjab Nahi Jaungi in first two Weeks.

Teefa In Trouble is doing excellent business till now as film’s first two weeks business is just 7.75% short of Punjab Nahi Jaungi. Teefa In Trouble had huge start and hold in Week two is similar to Punjab Nahi Jaungi. But Punjab Nahi Jaungi had some phenomenal in coming Weeks and it will be interesting that how Teefa In Trouble holds in coming weeks.

Teefa In Trouble is right now holding all records of non Holiday Pakistani release but for all time Week One record is right now with Jawani Phir Nahi Ani and Week Two record is with Punjab Nahi Jaungi. Punjab Nahi Jaungi holds highest lifetime grosser record for Pakistani films and that is the target for Teefa In Trouble right now but seems uphil task as three major films releasing three weeks later will stop film big time at boxoffice.

Below is the weekly breakdown of both the films.

Week One:-

Punjab Nahi Jaungi (Eid Week).. 12.27cr

Teefa In Trouble.. 11.31cr

Week Two:-

Punjab Nahi Jaungi.. 8.1cr

Teefa In Trouble.. 7.48cr

Two Weeks Total:-

Punjab Nahi Jaungi.. 20.37cr

Teefa In Trouble.. 18.79cr

Both films had seen phenomenal hold in Week two. Punjab Nahi Jaungi had fell around 34% despite coming off from Eid Week which is superb. Whereas Teefa In Trouble has also fell around 34% despite mega release of Mission Impossible Fallout in Week two.


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