Teefa In Trouble Teaser Still

Teefa In Trouble is looking at a good start tomorrow especially in multiplexes.

Teefa In Trouble is going to hit cinemas tomorrow with some very huge expectations in the trade. Film has got huge stakes not only for makers and cast but also for the whole industry. Teefa In Trouble is going to be the first big film for local industry which is not coming on any national holiday and whole industry want it to work big and break the myth that a Pakistani film can open big on Eids only. Film is a complete non Holiday solo release which has enabled it to get huge number of shows but will also restrict initials to some levels.

Film’s initial teaser had given a feel of an action film and teaser had got phenomenal response but trailer lacked. Trailer gave an impact of rom com shot at western locations. Now rom coms are not front loaded at boxoffice but film has hit music and star power of Ali Zafar which will ensure solid start. Advance of the film had started more than 10 days before release but response was average. There has been sharp pick in the advance today in Karachi but situation is all down to footfall coming on actual day in Punjab.

Film will definitely take solid start in plexes but will need support from mass circuits of Punjab to get a big day one number on board and that is where film might find tough. Advance in Lahore is low but Lahore is mostly low when it comes to advance unless it’s Eid period or some big Hindi film. Film will be chasing day one numbers of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani (2.07cr) as Jaawani Phir Nahi Ani holds day one record for Pakistani films. Going by latest advance trend and buzz film is looking at a good start tomorrow but a massive or record breaking start seems doubtful unless circuits in Punjab or Lahore puts up a very big number.



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