Teefa In Trouble First Look

Excellent Feedback from the teaser takes expectations sky high from Teefa In Trouble.

Teaser Of Teefa In Trouble released today has scored well. Film is first real commercial action film and the way trailer has given grand look is something that was missing in most teaser of films in Pakistan. Biggest plus for the film is this that it’s first time that hero is shown in real grand avatar. Film has surely taken fantastic start and has now given massive hopes to whole Industry.

There are still five months remaining in the release of the film and now only time will tell that whether this was right time to release teaser or a bit early. After delivering stellar teaser now whole trade is going to put very big hopes from the film at boxoffice. And coming toward boxoffice many other factors will also contribute. Fantastic teaser is clear indication that it will be taking excellent start when it releases. But question here is how big? Film’s teaser clearly shows that it has that power which can make it open at all time record start. But for that start you either need the push of big holiday or big cast name.

Teefa doesn’t have big Holiday release but most importantly it has solo release. Coming towards cast then it’s very good as Ali Zafar has already established himself at boxoffice with multiple Indian films. The way teaser has depicted Ali Zafar is very good and this big hero feel will give it a good push at mass circuits.

Film has all going in it’s favor so far and with marvelous teaser it has created mega hype around it. Release is still five months away so it’s very early to predict anything. But it is surely going to open big!



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