Teefa In Trouble Movie Still

Teefa In Trouble continues steady run post Eid despite heavy release flow.

Teefa In Trouble continues to do well in it’s 7th Weekend despite the heavy release flow. Film raked in 44lacs approx in 7th Weekend taking grand total close to 31.65cr approx. Film is already 5th highest grossing film of all time and will be having solid run for coming months and has slight chances of hitting 35cr before end of it’s run.

Below is film’s business till now in Pakistan.

Week One.. 11.31cr

Week Two.. 7.48cr

Week Three.. 5.77cr

Week Four.. 4.17cr

Week Five.. 1.5cr

Week Six.. 97lacs

7th Friday.. 11lacs

7th Saturday.. 17lacs

7th Sunday.. 16lacs

7th Weekend.. 44lacs

Grand Total.. 31.64cr

Mission Impossible Fallout continues steady run as film has added little over 10lacs since Eid from very few number of shows. Film’s total stand at little over 15.1cr approx and looks like will be finishing run by adding couple of lacs more.


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