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The much waited and anticipated movie, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone is out in cinemas this weekend. The director, Imtiaz Ali has a certain reputation of making some really high quality stuff like “Jab We Met”, “Love Aaj Kal” and “Highway” but maybe “Tamasha” is not the beast we expected it to be. Tamasha did have its cinematic moments here or there but it failed to even come near as a classic. Ranbir Kapoor is a one fine actor and he gave an incredible display of acting chops but Deepika’s character was not that substantial in which she could have truly exhibited her acting talents. The problem was with some aspects of the story rather than the acting itself.

The movie starts of in Corsica, France. This is the place where our two strangers run into each other randomly. Ranbir who went by the alias of “Don” and Deepika who went by “Mona Darling” both had some typical “Bollywood” fun by singing and dancing around Corsica and deciding to never meet each other until they do meet up some years later.
Deepika who went by the name of Tara in real life, realizes that she doesn’t want to be with Don’s real life persona of Vedh, of whom she thinks as more of a miserable corporate slave and not the fun seeking person she fell for in Corsica.
The movie does feel like a drag in the first 30 minutes or so but by the time of the interval, the story starts to fall in place a bit.

The problem is that the Director, Imtiaz Ali mashed up too much story in a single film, which resulted in an incoherent idea on the big screen. Were we supposed to laugh? Feel sad? Feel good? Too much detail perhaps damaged the movie.
However there are some positives in the movie too. For one, Ranbir showcased some serious acting display. He perfectly portrayed a crazy fun seeking persona and a more miserable and monotonous person within a single film.

Some of the shots filmed in Corsica were breathtaking and Deepika looked hot, sexy and cute at the same time during most of the film. The music was decent but we all have seen better AR. Rahman work. The narrative might also resonate with a lot of the professional youths as there are many parallels amongst Ranbir’s character and an average Joe who happens to be in the professional world.

The movie isn’t bad but it’s not exactly a masterpiece either. Some of the emotional stuff is pretty darn good but the problem is that the plot is filled with too much detail and some plot points make little sense in the larger narrative. Deepika’s character feels more like an extended guest character rather than an integral part of the story. Perhaps it would’ve been better to go with an unconventional ending but hey its Bollywood baby! You can go watch this movie if you want. It’s a good enough one time watch especially if you are an Imtiaz Ali fan but the film at best can be described as average.

Rating 2.5/5


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