Shahid Afridi and Yuvraj Singh go down as one of the best hitters of sub continent’s cricket history. Shahid Afridi has the record of most number of sixes where as no one can forget six sixes in an over by Yuvraj Singh.

Survey: Younis Khan vs Rahul Dravid.

Shahid Afridi played 398 ODIs with a staggering strike rate of 117 whereas Yuvraj Singh played 304 ODIs with a very impressive strike rate of 87+ and average of 36.5 scores per inning.

Both the players have great T20 international stats as well. Yuvraj Singh got average of 28 with a strike rate of over 136 whereas Shahid Afridi has average of 17.9 and strike rate of 150 in T20 internationals.

We asked fans on Twitter about whose’s hitting they like more and it turns out that Twitteratis were more of Shahid Afridi’s fans. Check out the results below.

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