In the past few years we have seen very dynamic female actresses standing up and taking Pakistani cinema forward. Mahira Khan has starred in multiple films and her every film manages to take massive start at box office regardless of the genre or release date.

Poll: Humyun Saeed Picked As Biggest Superstar Of Pakistani Film Industry.

On the other hand, Mehwish Hayat’s has delivered most number of blockbusters among female stars. Her biggest hit till date is Punjab Nahi Jaungi. We also saw Maya Ali delivering powerful debut with Teefa In Trouble, which is the highest grossing non Holiday Pakistani release. Kubra Khan has multiple big hits to her credit as well. The gorgeous actress was the leading lady of Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2, the highest grossing Pakistani film of all time.

At Twitter we asked fans that which actress is the biggest superstar of the film industry. Mahira Khan led with over 50% votes whereas Mehwish Hayat got over 30% votes. Check out the detailed results below.

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