Salman Khan’s next directed by Sohail Khan i.e. Jai Ho is all geared up to release on 24th January 2014. All recent movies of Salman released during Holiday period and created opening records. Not only this but all his latest ventures became a phenomenon as their release times got closer and that too was because of Salman Khan only.

As time of release for Jai Ho is getting closer, its getting hotter and hotter among distributors. Few distributors are believing that movie will not only create magical opening occupancies as Dhoom 3 did but it will exceed it. Where as buzz among audience is not that high as Dhoom 3 was.

As buzz is not that high, so question remains that will this movie become a phenomenon as 24th January comes nearer. Will we see people going crazy for Jai Ho as we saw for recent Salman’s films. Will we see huge lines of people for advance tickets as we usually see for Salman starter. Every one in trade is hopeful that yes movie will be becoming that phenomenon, but so far buzz is no where near it.

Movie’s music sales are much below than Salman’s recent releases. Movie’s buzz at social media is much lower than Salman’s previous ventures. Lets wait for 24th January, we are hopeful that movie will not only create opening benchmarks but it will also create similar phenomenon as done by recent biggies after all its Salman Khan starter and Salman Khan the name itself is phenomenon..


Note:- Article is written by our editor from Pakistan (Kharral)


  1. Ready was not a holiday release. And buzz of Jai Ho is gearing up as Salman doesn’t start promotions 6 months before the release of the film.

  2. It won’t create any records because to do so it will need to beat dhoom 3 which it can’t b’cos it’s nonholiday release, has lesser hype and no franchise value. No salman film crossed 3 idiots yet so jai ho at best will just cross or fall short of 3 idiots.


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