Below is the daily break down of Singh Saheb The Great for Week 2..

Friday.. 0.71cr

Saturday.. 1.23cr

Sunday.. 1.29cr

Monday.. 0.48cr

Tuesday.. 0.41cr

Wednesday.. 0.38cr

Thursday.. 0.32cr

Total.. 4.82cr

Week 1.. 21.83cr

Grand Total.. 26.65cr

Verdict.. Flop

Below is the daily breakdown of Gori Tere Pyar Mein for Week 2..

Friday.. 0.51cr

Saturday.. 0.69cr

Sunday.. 0.67cr

Monday.. 0.28cr

Tuesday.. 0.24cr

Wednesday.. 0.23cr

Thursday.. 0.18

Total.. 2.56cr

Week 1.. 13.07cr

Grand Total.. 15.63cr

Verdict.. Disaster


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