Singh is Bling is all geared up for release on 2nd October and a lot of fans are excited for the Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson starer film. Director, Prabhu Deva is known for making films with some catchy and entertaining music. Lets see how good the soundtrack for the film really is.

1. Tung Tung Baje
The singers are Diljit Dosanjhand, and Nooran Sisters. This song has some crazy bass and beats. It is a fun Punjabi Party track and is sure to get you moving and dancing. The fans of the new age funky Punjabi songs might like this one but it does kinda get annoying with repetitive lyrics of “Tung Tung Baje” but overall its the kind of a track, you can easily drive around with it playing in the background.

2. Singh & Kaur
This track doesn’t really cut it for me. Its a pretty average song with really nothing special in it and even the lyrics are quite lame. Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur and Raftaar are credited as singers and haven’t really done a good job for this one.

3. Cinema Dekhe Mama
This song sure has a funny title but apart from that it isn’t really that funny. The lyrics are unimpressive and the music isn’t that great either. The voices of Wajid Ali, Shaan and Ritu Pathak are used for this song and I highly doubt if any girl can be courted with this song.

4. Mahi Aaja
We all remember the classic RDB “Aja Mahi” which was such a hit back in the days but sadly Bollywood is known to experiment with the original songs to fit it in their movies and sometimes it is a let down. Extra rap portions have been added and tempo of the song is also somewhat slowed down. It is still kind of just okay but not a chart-buster like the original classic.

5. Dil Kare Chu Che
Meet Bros, Labh Janjua, and Apeksha Dandekar have lent their voices for this one and tough the opening is kinda catchy but the rest of the song is pretty standard. The songs is barely enjoyable.

Singh is Bling has some pretty average songs and unlike its predecessor, “Singh is King”, it doesn’t have a soundtrack that has some iconic songs. The soundtrack is designed for all the Punjabi Music fans but Bollywood has seen better music being made.




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