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Ace director Shoaib Mansoor has come out with Dua e Reem ‘Prayer of a Woman” on International Women’s Day. The song is a celebration of women as well as an anthem to set the narrative right. Taking inspiration from Allama Iqbal’s poem Lab Py Ati Hai Dua, the song’s underlying message is companionship and equality in relationships.

EXCLUSIVE: Details on Mahira Khan & Shoaib Mansoor’s Dua-e -Reem

The music video features Mahira Khan as a bride at her sangeet ceremony surrounded by women young and old.The ceremony begins with a group of singers who seemingly sing a prayer for the bride’s life ahead. Through the song the bride is being advised to compromise and stay dedicated to her marriage and husband no matter what. The lyrics go like

“Never complain the looks or character of your husband”

“Rebelling is not what a good woman does”

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In short the young bride is being advised to adopt the cultural dos and don’t of a patriarchal society. The elderly women advise her to be submissive and even if she has to endure abuse in form a slap be grateful that it wasn’t his shoe.

Unable to contain her angst the bride decides to put an end to the regressive prayer and devises her own. The lyrics narrate a balance and progressive anthem celebrating love and prosperity.

“To love my husband should be my conviction – not worship, slavery or total submission. You have created him a man, my Lord. Now, teach me how to make him a human.”

She further prays that they have so much love and and compassion that they never have to face conflicts or matters never escalate to a point where one has to resort to violence. Written, composed and directed by Shoaib Mansoor, the song is in fact a much needed reminder amidst the never ending circle of gender roles and a regressive cultural set up adopted by many even now.

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Have a listen to it here:


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