Last week Saba Qamar had announced that she will be launching her own Youtube channel where she will be writing and producing the content herself. She had stated that through this channel she will express herself.

Feroze Khan Hints At Launching His Own Youtube Channel.

Yesterday Cheekh actress shared the first teaser for the first Episode of her Youtube channel titled “Isolation”.

Actress then released “Isolation” at 8pm. The episode is written and produced by Saba Qamar herself and she stars in it as well.

We’ve all been in lock down; and isolation has not been easy for anyone. I decided to voice my frustration and also express my gratitude for it. Heres an experimental video that I did with a couple of my friends. Hope you like,” wrote Saba Qamar while sharing the video.

The 5 min video is Qamar narrating her thought about the current situation, its effects. She also emphasis on how we can utilize this time to reflect, give ourselves time, work on ourselves and learn from this experience. Once the quarantine is over she hopes that people won’t forget the lessons this time period is teaching us. The video is thought provoking for sure.

Check it out below.

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