Bollywood lost a huge personality yesterday as Rishi Kapoor died due to leukemia. Rishi Kapoor is one the biggest superstars to come out of Indian cinema and he actually goes down among top 10 stars of past 100 years. His debut film Bobby is easily the biggest debut in the Indian cinema history.

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Pakistani Teefa In Trouble star Ali Zafar had the honor to work with the legendary actor in 2013’s Chashme Baddoor. Directed by David Dhawan, Chashme Baddoor had emerged a success by collecting little over INR 620 million.

Ali Zafar is probably the only main stream Pakistani star who got to work so closely with the legend. Upon the death of Rishi Kapoor Ali Zafar shared his memories with the actor.

Ali Zafar revealed that he loved Rishi’s song “Jeeven Ke Din” during his own childhood.

My first childhood memory of Rishi Kapoor was the song Jeeven Ke Din. The lyrics resonated with me and I imagined myself singing it one day around a piano the same way he did,” tweeted Ali Zafar.

Ali went on by sharing his first experience with Rishi Kapoor on the sets of Chashme Baddoor in Goa.

I still remember the feeling I had when I was about to shoot my first scene with him in the film Chashme Baddoor. We met in Goa on set. Given his stature, he had no airs and graces about him, a thorough gentleman and professional,” added Ali Zafar.

The actor also shared about his experience of dancing with Rishi Kapoor on the title song of the film. Ali also revealed that Rishi Kapoor wanted him to play his younger self in a film.

I could hardly believe it till I saw myself standing on a table dancing with Rishi Kapoor himself. It was like being in a movie within a movie,” Ali stated and then added “One day I was most touched when he told me that somehow he saw his young self in me and would like me to play him in his youth in a movie he was considering.

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Ali concluded by saying that he went to check his health and later on he saw Rishi Kapoor in his dream. He was happy, healthy and dancing.

One night I saw him in my dream and told him so. He was most thrilled, most gracious and in high spirits and asked how grown up my children are now. I can see him now just as I saw in my dream. Happy, healthy and dancing. and that’s how I remember him,” concluded Ali Zafar.

Check out the tweet below.


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