With the cat out of the bag and the mystery of Mir Farooq’s rivalry explained, what is only left to see is how it ends. Will Amaan succeed in exacting revenge and proving he is no better than Mir Farooq? Will Bua G finally speak up after years of silence? Or will Anna help him be the better man and let justice prevail? Either way, we hope Yeh Dil Mera is nearing its end as recent episodes have been nothing but fillers.

The latest episode was all about performances and especially Ahad’s. He makes the eccentricities residing in Amaan so realistic. In the previous episode, he stole the show with the scene in which Anna discovers the truth followed by his confrontation with Mir Farooq. We see Amaan’s wrath and hatred that he has been culminating for years. The complexity of Amaan’s state is something that makes his character very interesting.

With everything out in the open Amaan continues to push Mir Farooq to the edge with his quips and draws pleasure out of his helplessness. Farhat Ishtiaq’s witty dialogues given for Amaan were entertaining and engaging. Amaan has the characteristics of a psychopath who swiftly swings into different personalities in split seconds, all the while planning his next move. He wishes to exact revenge through Anna yet he also believes she had nothing to do with her father’s monstrosities. His hate and love are continuously putting him to test and we look forward to seeing what repercussions this will have. The way Ahad has translated Amaan’s varying states on screen, his facial expression, and body language, in particular, is what makes his performance so brilliant.

Sajal Aly and Adnan Siddique are also consistent in their performance. Mir Farooq is stirred by Amaan’s trickery yet his arrogance is still intact. Adnan Siddique is a natural in his role and his voice intonations from anger to worry was impressive. Sajal’s Anna has transitioned into a fiery woman who has managed her anxiety to some extent and is ready to face her life problems on her own without the help of her beloved Agha Jan or even Amaan. Episode 24 established this change in Anna that has been in the development ever since their marriage which is opposite to her characterization that the story had laid the foundation on. There isn’t much being offered from Anna’s perspective at the moment. The mental illness angle that took off with Anna has now shifted completely on to Amaan as well.

As far as story development goes, there is a lull. Episode 25 was just a filler with characters just expanding on the incidents of the previous episode making the drama a bit of a drag at this point. What was particularly interesting about Aehsun Talish directorial was its promise to be a thriller. For the most part, with every episode, some of our questions were answered but they lead to more questions and curiosity. However, now with 25 episodes in, the drama’s narrative seems to have explained it all with very little left to the story. It is high time to wrap it up as good performances will not be able to uphold the interest of the audience for long if the story has nothing more to offer.

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