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Dobara Phir Se Movie Review

Dobara Phir Se is latest installment of ARY Films and is second release of the month by distribution house. Film is a story of Zainab (Hareem Farooq) which has to take strong decisions in her life regarding her husband, kid and romantic life. Film stars Hareem Farooq, Adeel Hussain, Ali Kazmi, Sanam Saeed and Tooba Siddiqui in lead roles. Film has strong message but a very weak and extremely slow story line. Coming toward such strong subject, films dialogues are always very important but Dobara Phir Se fails completely in that department. By the time you leave cinema hall there is not even a single dialogue of the film which you can remember and there is not even a single scene which you can say was extra ordinary. Film does have some very good shots as it's mostly shot abroad and Mehreen Jabbar has done well in that department but other than that there is nothing in the film which makes you say that I will watch this film dobara. Coming toward performances, film fails completely! Hareem seemed completely expression less in emotional scenes. Shedding tears in the emotional scene doesn't make scene effective or make a strong performance, viewer must feel that emotion strongly and Hareem has failed to connect in that department. Adeel Hussain was completely flat, even in light scenes he couldn't show a smile and it seemed he was in total disappointment and depression throughout the film. Ali Kazmi and Sanam Saeed has done very well and makes you say bravo for the performance and chemistry. Tooba Siddiqui was decent too! Best performance is delivered by Shaz Khan as huband of Zainab. He completely nails it with each dialogue and scene! Film's music is another low point of the film and it doesn't have anything to offer. Film's pace was okay in first half but in second half it is extremely dragged and you will become irritated towards the end of the film. There is no noteworthy dialogue, scene, humor, song or performance in the film which make you say yes it was worth my money, only Shaz Khan makes you say well done. All in All Dobara Phir Se fails to impress in any department other than beautiful foreign places shown!

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Bajirao Mastani :: Movie Review

Maybe Historical films are not Bollywood's forte. Though Ranveer Singh gave an amazing performance while Deepika and Priyanka were decent the problem lies with the direction and the genre of the film. Was it a Romance? Was it a historical drama film? Was it a glamorous take on history? And added with all this was some outrageous and unrealistic action scenes. The cinematography and the locations were perfect and the dance scenes were pretty good. The film however was a bit incoherent and the pacing was somewhat slow. Well Mr. Bhansali does have an unique directorial style but his glamorous take on a historical subject was filled with modern day sensibilities and melodrama. At the start we see The Peshwa, Bajirao falling for Mastani after he helped her in saving her kingdom of Bundel. The process of falling in love was modernized to make a more pleasurable viewing. In a way it felt everything was tailored to fit the narrative Mr. Bhansali wanted but not what was factual at that time and along with that the taboo of religious undertones, which was drastically reduced to keep in check with today's sensitivities. What Bollywood gets wrong is that to make a film on a Historical subject, glamour and the cheesy Urdu flirty lines should subside and the focus should be more on the actual story. Ranveer Singh did a very good job and did a really fine Maratha accent. Though maybe the role didn't go exactly with his image but this was a powerful performance which is commendable. Deepika acted with grace and Priyanka also put on a good show. The supporting actors also did a fine job and Tanvi Azmi as Bajirao's mother deserves particula praise. However there was this once scene in which in a fit of rage, Bajirao deflected all the arrows hurled at him and single-handedly annihilated the whole army of the Nazim. This makes everything seen so impractical. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has his own vision and style which cannot be compared with other contemporaries but this time his focus was more on the aesthetics and not the narrative. The costumes, dance sequences, the stunningly beautiful locations along with the breathtaking cinematography were perfect but the story at times felt too slow and even dare I say too much dull. The pacing was so slow that at times you will feel that does this help the narration. Maybe more realism was needed for such a film. If you want to see a "colourful" film that is complete with romantic dialogues, beautiful women, palace intrigues and a rather modern take on history then you might not want to miss this. It's pretty much like Devdas but its actually much more complicated. I would have given it more if the narration was more realistic and not forced with romanticism. Ratings 2.5/5.

Ho Mann Jahan :: Music Review

"Ho Mann Jahan" is all set to release on 1st Jan in the New Year. The film has already built up some excitement amongst the youth and the music has been also released which is sure to create some buzz before the big release. The soundtrack of the film can be described as "experimental" and it is very unique as it does not resemble any other film soundtrack in Pakistan. Director, Asim Raza has decided to go with a slightly unconventional approach and has collaborated with some of the finest musical talent in Pakistan to create some fine music. It remains to be seen whether a soundtrack that comprises of a mixture of Folk, Classical, Pop and Soft-Rock can create a mark on the listeners. Mann Ke Jahan Mann Ke Jahan is a fresh and a catchy track that might be captivating for a certain type of listeners who prefer the Soft-Rock genre. Zebunnisa Bangash or more popularly known as Zeb has a soulful voice that is perfect for this track. The acoustic riffs add the right amount of volume and even the violin part in the middle is pretty decent. This song has a very harmonious ring to it.  Do give this song a listen before deciding. Dil Kare Atif Aslam is back but in a very old-school way. Nowadays, Atif seems to be singing romantic ballads for his Bollywood films but this song resembles most of the Atif work of mid 2000's. There is probably that depth missing that we are accustomed to hear from Atif songs but then again a lot of the listeners might be into this sort of stuff. Dosti Some of you might have heard the original version of Dosti featuring the vocals of the legendary Nazia Hassan but maybe the newer version falls an inch shorter. The vocals are nicely done by Zoheb Hassan and Zeb but maybe the funky 80's type music doesn't mesh is that well together with the vocals. It would have been better if the music was kept simpler. But then again some Nazia Hassan fans might want to hear this one. So turn up your speakers and give it a go. Khush Piya Waseen This one is nicely done and reminds one of the vintage Tina Sani work. It's quite certain that Tina Sani's work will have a certain quality attached to it. The music blends in the right way with the vocals to give a nice balance. It's quite obvious that this song will be used somewhere near the climax of the narrative. Dil Pagla No Doubt that Zeb is a very under rated singer but Dil Pagla is a very fascinating song in which she manages to shine. The song has some very interesting lyrics and the upbeat feel of the song will surely lift you up when you are feeling down. The music is nicely done even though the bass solo in the middle might be somewhat excessive but guitar chords set the right emotions for the song. This song may not be one of the more mainstream types and might not appeal to the masses but it definitely deserves a listen over your headphones. Shakar Wandaan This song might go on to become the most popular song of the soundtrack as it has the most commercial feel out of any song in the album. This particular version of Shakar Wandaan is designed perfectly for a mehndi dance! Asrar is a remarkable singer as his latest song "Afghan Jalebi" turned out to be a big hit. Even in the trailer, the song suddenly had you hooked in the most. It will be interesting to see Mahira Khan shake it out to this track in the film. The beat of the song is fitting and the change of pace at the end will surely send you into frenzy. Sarak Sarak Mai Dhai is an incredible folk singer. This track has a very ethnic folk type appeal, jazzy feel and a fun vibe attached to it. Some listeners who like the Coke Studio type music might really like this. The fusion of rural folk and that blues feeling is a very interesting concept. The guitar work is nicely done. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea but this track sure might captivate some listeners. Baarish This track by Jimmy Khan has a sort of "Hipster" ring to it. It is a slow and a soothing song which might only attract a certain kind of people. The acoustic work is nicely done. It’s the kind of track people listen to when they fall in love or when they are in the right mood but not one for the ages. Ghar Nari Ghar Nari by Abu Muhammed and Farid Ayaz is a Qawaali and will obviously appeal to the listeners who are into this specific genre. The background music adds a modern touch to the track which is kind of the latest fad these days. The Audition A drum solo by Gumby. Well it's pretty good. Let's hope it fits in the narrative like the drum solo's done in the Hollywood movie, Whiplash. The Soundtrack has something for all types of listeners. Maybe the genre and the sketch of movie might go in well with the soundtrack but overall the album is not one worth obsessing over for ages. Yes! Some true music fans might be appreciative of this kind of music. But the people into who are more into the Bollywood inspired stuff might not take a liking to it. Let us see how people respond to a rather alternative type of soundtrack. Ho Mann Jahan starring Mahira Khan, Sheheryar Munawar and Adeel Hussain is all set release on 1st January, 2016. Rating 3.5/5  

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo :: Trailer Review

Wow! The trailer for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo is released and it looks just amazing. Salman Khan is back as Sooraj Barjatya's "Prem" and has made all the fans excited once again. There are a lot of points that we can decipher from the trailer and from the looks of  it, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will easily be a blockbuster. As the trailer opens, we get to see the grand scale the movie is shot in. The traditional looking sets, look spectacular and give us a very different feel from today's contemporary Bollywood films. The trailer depicts sort of a family feel that has been missing lately. The title track in Shreya Ghoshal's voice looks mesmerizing and sets the right tone for the film trailer. Sonam Kapoor looks absolutely stunning and so far from the trailer, I can conclude that Sonam fits in perfectly with Salman Khan. I am certain, many Bollywood fans were missing the feel of the earlier Sooraj Barjatya films like 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' and 'Hum Saath Saath Hain'. This film will surely re-ignite the interest of fans in the family film genre. From the trailer it looks Salman will be playing a double role of a royal and a commoner which will surely make things interesting. Not much has been revealed about the roles of supporting cast but nothing looks out of place. Salman being back as 'Prem' of the good old days will definitely cause a lot of commotion at the box-office and just the sheer magnificence and extravagance, the trailer depicts will cause you to buy the tickets for a grand cinema experience. Produced by Rajshri Productions and directed by Sooraj Barjatya, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will hit the cinemas on 12th November of this year.

Singh is Bling :: Music Review

Singh is Bling is all geared up for release on 2nd October and a lot of fans are excited for the Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson starer film. Director, Prabhu Deva is known for making films with some catchy and entertaining music. Lets see how good the soundtrack for the film really is. 1. Tung Tung Baje The singers are Diljit Dosanjhand, and Nooran Sisters. This song has some crazy bass and beats. It is a fun Punjabi Party track and is sure to get you moving and dancing. The fans of the new age funky Punjabi songs might like this one but it does kinda get annoying with repetitive lyrics of "Tung Tung Baje" but overall its the kind of a track, you can easily drive around with it playing in the background. 2. Singh & Kaur This track doesn't really cut it for me. Its a pretty average song with really nothing special in it and even the lyrics are quite lame. Manj Musik, Nindy Kaur and Raftaar are credited as singers and haven't really done a good job for this one. 3. Cinema Dekhe Mama This song sure has a funny title but apart from that it isn't really that funny. The lyrics are unimpressive and the music isn't that great either. The voices of Wajid Ali, Shaan and Ritu Pathak are used for this song and I highly doubt if any girl can be courted with this song. 4. Mahi Aaja We all remember the classic RDB "Aja Mahi" which was such a hit back in the days but sadly Bollywood is known to experiment with the original songs to fit it in their movies and sometimes it is a let down. Extra rap portions have been added and tempo of the song is also somewhat slowed down. It is still kind of just okay but not a chart-buster like the original classic. 5. Dil Kare Chu Che Meet Bros, Labh Janjua, and Apeksha Dandekar have lent their voices for this one and tough the opening is kinda catchy but the rest of the song is pretty standard. The songs is barely enjoyable. Singh is Bling has some pretty average songs and unlike its predecessor, "Singh is King", it doesn't have a soundtrack that has some iconic songs. The soundtrack is designed for all the Punjabi Music fans but Bollywood has seen better music being made. Verdict:2.5/5  

Tamasha::Trailer Review

The much awaited trailer for Imtiaz Ali's "Tamasha" starring Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone is released. Imtiaz Ali is now touted as one of the best directors in contemporary Bollywood and he has always delivered with strings of hits such as "Jab We Met", "Love Aaj Kal", "Rockstar" and "Highway". The pair of Deepika and Ranbir is now viewed as one of the most sizzling on screen couple. A lot can be deciphered out of the trailer and let's see what that is. From the trailer it comes across that Ranbir's character is kind of stuck in a rat-race of the corporate world. He is living a monotonous life, as somebody who never gets to enjoy his life and so maybe he decides to go to Corsica, France where he meets Deepika's character named Tara. From the looks of things Tara appears to have a carefree attitude. Both the characters might be impersonating or portraying a person different from there real life as Ranbir calls himself "Don" and Deepika tells her name, "Mona". From what starts as happy and a fun holiday turns gloomy for both our characters. Maybe both of them fall in love. Sadly, the trailer for "Tamasha" doesn't show us a different and a newer love story rather it looks as if we are going to see the same Bollywood stuff where the Hero or the bored protagonist runs of the Europe leaving behind his misery and there he meets the gorgeous Heroine. I haven’t made up my mind about this movie just by the trailer since its Imtiaz Ali who is making the movie. Yes, we do get to Hear A.R Rahman’s music in the background but still it might be one of those same love stories. Let's hope the movie is far more depth than what it appears from the trailer.