The road to justice has enough thorns to leave one wounded as a short stretch is covered, however, fretting the journey and its consequences are not at all the right approach. Standing up for one’s rights and fighting for righting the wrongs in a society can only bring change. Sana Javed and Mikaal Zulfiqaar starrer Ruswai reiterated this message as it bid farewell last night.

Ruswai Pays Tribute To Mukhtara Mai.

The drama, that took off as a story of a rape survivor’s fight for justice, did get off-track midway through its run but managed to find its way back and exited with grace. Though it is another drama based on yet another social issue and it did have its fair share of emotionally charged scenes and high pitched shrieks, Ruswai managed to leave a mark in reflecting society’s behavior towards such issues is often regressive.

The psyche of a well educated, affluent and sophisticated family can be as tainted as of a poor ignorant family. Rubina Ashraf directorial served its purpose well in highlighting the plight of a rape victim regardless of the background she comes from, the stigma attached, discouragement and threats that follow for those fighting to get justice and the common practice of silencing the victim transcends class and even education.

All the while Naila Ansari’s story did present role models in the shape of the brother-sister duo Sameera and Hamza who remained steadfast in calling out what was wrong despite being convinced to stop to save themselves from shame, embarrassment, the cruelty of a close-minded society and their endless questions.

As far as performances are concerned all artists involved suited their roles and gave performances that were at par. Sana Javed did justice to Sameera with her stirring portrayal of her plight and eventually her triumph. Mikaal as a coward and misled husband was spot on. Among the senior artists Mohammad Ahmed, Seemi Raheel, Usman Peerzada and Isra Ghazal were effortless. Minna Tariq is surely a delightful addition to the newcomers in the industry. Osama Tahir was also admirable as Hamza and registered himself as an impressive actor yet again. Adnan Jaffer brought in his charisma and sophistication in Dr. Feroze, making the character all the more likable.

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The conclusion had some predictable turn of events including Salman’s sacrifice (which could have been better orchestrated). The captain of the ship Rubina Ashraf must be commended for keeping the finale happening. The episode was well-paced and it wasn’t unnecessarily dragged. Mukhatara Mai’s surprise appearance was absolutely heartwarming. Her scene with Sameera elevated the last episode for sure and served as a reminder that instead of opting for silence, become a part of the change in power dynamics. It is certainly possible and tyrants of the society can be brought to justice.

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