Sultan is seeing stupendous advance in Pakistan and is set to break many records this Eid. Film’s advance has ensured that film is going to have mega start. It is easy to say that film will open 90+% on day one all over and will easily go over 2cr for day one. Let’s analyze what are opening records right now and will Sultan breach them or not.

All time Hindi opening record stand with FAN.. Below are top 3 all time Hindi openings.

Fan.. 2.15cr

Dilwale.. 2.12cr

Dhoom 3.. 2.11cr

These are only three Hindi films which collected over 2cr on day one and which make it certain that Sultan will be biggest opener ever for Salman Khan in the territory. Question is will it overcome 2.15cr of FAN? Well film has almost no competition from other releases and that is visible in advance booking also and final day one is all dependent on how many total shows film will get which will be known on day of release only. But looking at last year it is certain that Eid day one will see overall 2.75+cr on day one but it will be interesting to see how much will Sultan get of this! Even though Sultan has no potential competitor but 5 other release will take away good number of shows from the film which means it will not be an easy task to beat 2.15cr of FAN. Even tougher task is all time record for any release in Pakistan. Below are all films which opened over 2cr on their opening day in Pakistan..

Furious 7.. 2.69cr

FAN.. 2.15cr

Dilwale.. 2.12cr

Dhoom 3.. 2.11cr

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani.. 2.07cr

Last year Eid day had seen around 2.65cr approx business but this year figure should go up due to increment in screens and it can even cross 3cr mark.. And it seems Sultan will finish anywhere over 2cr mark.. Another hurdle in the way of film is long length of 169 minutes which means less number of shows.. If film had 20-30 minutes less run time it would have been beneficial..  It will be interesting to see how things roll over the Eid but it is going to be houseful eid for Sultan!!


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