Race 3 Song Still

Race 3 sees massive fall in third Week as it nears end of it’s run.

Race 3 has seen massive fall in third Week as film has gone down to very low levels. Film had got massive start in first Weekend but slowed down afterwards. Week two saw a big fall which was always expected as film had very poor reports. Film got away in first Week due to the star power of Salman Khan.

Film has done around 9.3cr approx by end of 3rd Weekend and will end it’s run around 9.5cr approx. Film’s numbers are even less than 30% of previous Salman Khan release in Pakistan i.e. Sultan. Sultan had done this much business in just three days of it’s release.

Below is film’s estimated breakdown till now.

Week One (6 Days).. 7.5cr

Week Two (revised).. 1.6cr

3rd Weekend.. 25lacs

Total.. 9.35cr



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