As the ban imposed in Indian films on the writ of Mubasher Lucman is taken back hence recently released film R… Rajkumar makes its way to cinema houses in Pakistan.. As per sources Sindh Censor Board has passed the film and movie is running at few theaters in Sindh (Pakistan) from today.

Sorces added that from 20th December not only Dhoom 3 but R… Rajkumar will also get to the theaters but due to super huge buzz of Dhoom 3  movie might not get due share of shows.

R… Rajkumar has done exceedingly well in domestic market but flopped in Overseas, movie’s one of the mainstream market was Pakistan but ban imposed was a dent in the overseas collections.. Movie has released there at limited screens and will release at further screens on Friday but sources claim that “there won’t be much added as movie has become 10 days old and piracy has made it difficult for movie to collect now in Pakistan”


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