R.. Rajkumar kicked off to decent start in the morning but movie needed to pick up its pace to get double digit on day one. Movie opened low in key market like Dehli/UP but picked up slightly while decent pick is in Rajhastan. Movie had opened to all India level of 35-40% approx occupancies with Mumbai leading. Seeing the promotions and buzz this opening was not up-to mark  but movie has seen upturn at many centers since then..


Movie has been released in decent occupancies of around 2300 screens approx. And trends till eve indicates that movie needs to sustain this upturn of evening shows in nights shows also to cross 10cr barrier but usually night shows see a fall and movie might not cross 10cr mark, but movie has got huge number of shows at plexes and metros which are yet to commence. This gives movie a good opportunity to cross 10cr mark, but more realistic figures will be given tomorrow morning when collections from most of the centers will fall in..


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