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.. Rajkumar is one of the most awaited movie of the year and movie will hit theaters tomorrow [6 December, 2013]. Its second film for Shahid this year after Phata Poster Nikla Hero which was below average at boxoffice.. Movie released in 28 theaters in UAE today and our admin from UAR reviews it, lets take a look..

Plus Points:- Refreshing performance by Shahid Kapoor, brilliant direction by Prabhudeva, massla dialogues, superb music and awesome performances by supporting cast.

Minus Points:- Draggy script


Direction and Dialogues:- Direction and dialogues are superb and are USP of the movie. From start till end each and every dialogue is clap worthy. Not only dialogues but movie has excellent comic content also. Prabhudeva is known for his massala entertainers with the ailment of action and emotion with blend of love story and this movie is no exception. Despite nothing new element, Prabhudeva does his job in such a fantastic way that you love the movie all the time you are in cinema.

Script:- Script is the only negative thing in the movie, and Prabhudeva flops in this department.. Script drags at many points, comic sequences and dialogues try to cover holes in the script. Prabhudeva had tried his hands on script this time but he is disappointment in this department. This is only negative point which can prove fatal for movie and can dent a big time on boxoffice..

Music:- Super Duper music by Pritam and even better visualization of these tracks has been made by Prabhudeva.

Performances:- Brilliant performance by Shahid Kapoor, he is amusing on screen and makes you fall in love with him. Sonakshi is decent like always while supporting characters have done very good job also.

Overall:- Overall movie has outstanding performances by all, superb dialogues and amusing music but only black hole is script which can cost heavily to the movie.

Rating:- 3.5 out of 5



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