R.. Rajkumar has decent Monday so far.. Movie has seen a drop lesser than 50 in mass centers which is very good sign but again night shows are crucial, if night shows show nominal fall (as expected) then movie might go to 5cr Monday which will be very good and will ensure indication of 45cr Week 1.. But at moment most realistic Monday is around 4.5cr which is still very good.. Movie had low Weekend at plexes and Monday had more fall at plexes so if movie dont’ reach 5cr then it will be due to very low occupancies in plexes.. But trends till eve all across the board indicate that 4.5cr Monday seems in range and might go up to 5cr.. So movie has collected very good 32cr approx from 5 Days and from here Week 1 should go up to around 43cr approx..


Note:- These estimates are as per occupancies till eve in plexes and single screens.. Actuals will come tomorrow when figures from all circuits will fall in..


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